MSCbv commenced operation in January 2000

Prior to MSCbv opening its doors, the historical background of the owner of MSCbv in simulation was acquired by working for CAE Electronics for 7 years. Thereafter with KLM Simulator Engineering for 8 years and finally working for FSC in Hoofddorp the Netherlands for 7 years.
CAE provided the opportunity to work in both hardware and software for newly manufactured simulators. One of the significant events was being involved in a prototype new aircraft simulator for the Airbus A310. In 1982 this was a radically new and different type of aircraft whose goal was to revolutionise the aircraft industry by removing the Flight Engineer using new technology and instrumentation which has since become the standard aircraft design in all new aircraft builds.

While at CAE many business trips as a Site Chief and Field Service Representative to North America and European cities resulted in the next step in joining KLM.

KLM Simulator Engineering provided the opportunity to work on software and to specify new simulator builds for various new simulators including 737-300 EFIS, F100 prototype and the 747-400 prototype simulators.

FSC wanted to open a new facility in Hoofddorp the Netherlands and MSC owner started as the Manager and worked the building from virtually the first pole being laid, until 7 years later that it was a busy and well respected Training Centre. In this 7 year period the responsibilities were specifying new simulators, building specifications (to house the simulators and all training aspects related to a simulator training session), hiring new personnel, following and ensuring that all regulations related to personnel and building were all conform the regulations, running new projects with a team of my engineers.

MSC history of projects and updates are listed here below in reverse chronological order.
Please note that from 2004 2014 ASC and MSC have worked on an extensive amount of simulator updates together.
These updates are identified as ASC/MSC projects here below.

2019 Highlights:
MSC with van der Vlist hosted the 25th FSEMC in Utrecht in October 2019.
MSC aided van der Vlist with the Fokker 50 sim 2 teardown for relocation.
MSC busy with unique simulated instrument designs.
Brite Air repairs - the team MSC tackled unique repairs and designed mechanical, electronics and software fixes.

2018 Highlights:
MSC with van der Vlist rebuilt a Sim Industries FTD.
MSC assisted with AVRO-RJ rebuild in Milan.
Dornier 328 Jet BTM completed before sim teardown.
Brite Air repairs with MSC capabilities increased.

2017 Highlights:
MSC completed with Avion the initial designs on their unique simulator.
MSC's unique simulator team for repair of aircraft parts and simulator parts for sim use only was started to expand Brite Air capabilities.
MSC aided van der Vlist and CAE with the dismantling of the CAE Sassenheim centre.

2016 Highlights:
MSC aided Avion with the initial designs on their unique simulator.
Aircraft and simulator parts with repairs for sim parts expanded for Brite Air.
June 2016 MSC was asked to join the FSEMC steering committee.

2015 Highlights:
MSC stopped with simulator updates due to personal reasons and focused on parts with Brite Air.
Aircraft and simulator parts with repairs for sim parts became the focus.
MSC aided with an FSI ATR42/72 simulator rebuild in Montreal.

2014 Highlights:
Ansett Melbourne - together with ASC updated the Bae146 with EGPWS & STEP IOS Installation.
Thales A340-A330 sim teardown with Van der Vlist.
CE Compliancy upgrade.

2013 Highlights:
Ansett Melbourne - together with ASC updated the F100 with EGPWS & Prototype GIC-NSD Installation.
This new GIC-NSD instrument is only entering service in 2013 in the F100 airplanes.

2012 Highlights:
Simteq - 767 Software Development Team Project Manager
Opinicus/van der Vlist - C27J Simulator Move from Italy & Rebuild Romania
ASC/MSC updated FSI Wichita - King Air C90 Garmin with WAAS
ASC/MSC updated FSI Tucson - CL604 with WAAS
ASC/MSC updated FSI La Guardia - King Air B200 with Garmin WAAS

2011 Highlights:
FSC Amsterdam - Developed jointly with ASC and DSS a new IOS product called STEP for implementation on FSC 737-300
FSC Amsterdam - Visual Host, Radio Aids Utility, IOS updates with ASC and DSS on FSC 737-300. This project team worked to successfully return the simulator on time into training with a new visual and IOS system.
FSC Amsterdam - SAT Embraer 170 Move & Recommission
FSC Amsterdam - CAE Embraer 170/190 Move & Recommission
CAE Amsterdam - 737NG Dismantle
ASC/MSC updated Atlas Miami - 747-400 Simulator No. 1 with EGPWS
Opinicus - Simulator Assessments of Lear45 & JAL B200

2010 Highlights:
Ansett Melbourne - F100 ATG Tests Expansion
CAE Amsterdam - F100 Dismantle
CAE Amsterdam - F50 Dismantle
ASC/MSC updated Atlas Miami - 747-400 No. 1 & No.2 Simulators with EFB

2009 Highlights:
ASC/MSC updated Ansett Melbourne - Dash 8 with Dual UNS-1C & Saab340 with UNS-1L (2009-2010)
ASC/MSC updated FSC Amsterdam 737 with EGPWS & TCAS and with delivery of all required aircraft parts
CAE Amsterdam - Recommission 737NG
CAE Brussels - Simulator Assessments for A320 & A330/A340<
FSC Amsterdam - Recommission 737-300
FSC 737-300 enabled a 600 series HPU to work with 1980's built simulator. The 600 series has less maintenance and power requirements.

2006-2008 Highlights:
ASC/MSC updated FSI Montreal – CL601 with EGPWS (2008)
ASC/MSC updated Alteon Gatwick – 757/767 with WXR (2007/2008)
ASC/MSC updated Alteon Miami - 767 with EGPWS&TCAS (2007), 757 with EGPWS&TCAS (2007), 777 with 8.33 Khz VHF, EGPWS, WXR, TCAS, ISFD, Flight Deck Security Panel/Door Lock, CB panel and aircraft hardware change to match Cargo configuration (2006/2007)
ASC/MSC updated CAE Bru - A300 with EGPWS (2007) ASC/MSC updated CAE China – 737 with EGPWS (2007), 757 with EGPWS (2007)
ASC/MSC updated CAE DFW - S76 Helicopter with FMS Garmin (2006), Citation V FMS with UNS-1L (2007)
ASC/MSC updated CAE Chile - 767-300 with EGPWS (2006)
ASC/MSC updated FSI Paris - Falcon 50 with EGPWS&FMS UNS-1L (2008), Embraer 120 with EGPWS (2008), Falcon 900 with EGPWS (2008)

2004-2005 Highlights:
ASC/MSC updated ICARE Morlaix ATr42/72 with EGPWS (2005)
ASC/MSC updated CAE Bru - 737-300 with EGPWS (2004), Do328 prop with EGPWS (when installed in Maastricht 2005)
ASC/MSC updated FSI Paris - Dash 8 with EGPWS (2005), F100 with EGPWS (2005)

2004 ASC and MSC started working together and have done an extensive amount of updates together since this date.

2004 Fedex required 4 more EGPWS updates which MSC performed again in a team effort with JPA.

2003 MSC aided in a team effort for Superflight to update the Fedex requirement for the new EP1000 visual systems on their simulators.
2003 Germania employed MSC to manage their USAir F100 sim movement and MSC provided a unique solution on the FTD dismantling to Germania.
2002/2003 MSC worked on many of the Fedex required EGPWS updates via JPA Associates. Approximately 15 simulators were updated in a team effort.

2001 and 2002 MSC worked directly for Atlas to finish up the cargo configuration modifications required in both hardware and software to their 747-400.
2001/2002 MSC helped to provide many difficult to find parts for an E3A simulator update.

2000 MSC worked with Quadrant on two simulator commissions in Miami for Aeroservice and Atlas.
2000 MSC helped to supply a specific A300 cargo configuration for our client’s simulator.