Sim Repaired Parts

MSCbv together with Brite Air have become active in parts repair for simulator operators.

We take on challenges of expensive aircraft instruments used in simulators and simulated instruments including altimeters, standby horizons, etc. to try and reduce an expensive repair.

Canbus and synchro testers developed for specific simulator instrument repairs

Encoder repairs we often can save the expensive replacement of the part - ask for our encoder capabilities

Obsolescence is often an issue and we find alternative parts to be used. We have helped to keep an old set of simulated displays going using alternative electronic components

Various refurbishments of CDU lightplates for 737NG, A320 and other cockpits

Before and After Refurbishment

Send us your part number and we will let you know if we can repair.
Hereunder is a list of the simulated parts and aircraft parts used in simulators that Brite Air/MSCbv have been involved with repairing.
Note that all parts are clearly labeled and marked for sim use only after any of the following repairs

Part Number         - Description

MC and MF complete series of Oxygen masks and stowage boxes

MX series of Oxygen mask harness

MLD30-004         - Oxygen Mask

174260-23         - Oxygen Mask

174692-94         - Oxygen Mask

270530-00         - Oxygen Harness

334VZ01Y00          - Airbus fire switches

D533-04-001         - APU, Eng 1 or 2 Fire Switches-Boeing

D533-06-001         - APU, Eng 1 or 2 Fire Switches-Boeing

D533-07-001         - APU, Eng 1 or 2 Fire Switches-Boeing

601R8509-1          - Emergency Gear Handle - CRJ

01017077-04         - CDU UNS Keypad Lightplate (manu Universal)

413-914729          - MCDU Simulated Lightplate

413-914724          - MCDU Simulated Lightplate

ZZ413914729-001     - MCDU Simulated Lightplate

4077880-962         - MCDU for sim use only

4077880-982         - MCDU for sim use only

171-900-0016-03     - Simulated Display

4053000-9xx         - Gulfstream IV displays for sim use only

622-8588-105         - 747-400 displays for sim use only-inhouse Test bench setup

631-908878-001     - Simulated Display (manu SDI) alt pn PS 407674.02.5.308

7003110-901         - ATR displays for sim use only-inhouse Test bench with sym gen and control panel

7014300-901         - ERJ145 displays for sim use only

70058919-506         - ATR EFIS cps for sim use only

822-3252-101         - 737 MAX cps for sim use only

68000-9-831          - Cabin Altitude Ind Simulated

68000-985-1         - Simulated VSI Indicator (A310)

68001-273-1         - Simulated Airspeed Indicator (A310)

68001-971-2          - Integrated Cabin Press Ind Simulated

280318-06-5-607          - Simulated Standy Altimeter

121729           - Captain Simulated Altimter (manu FSI)

121730           - FO Simulated Altimter (manu FSI)

ABS1643BCSA041       - Airbus switches repaired for sim use only

3900-6430            - Cole switches

65-0294-21 (10-61330-60) - 737 Captain Six pack switches

65-0294-23 (10-61330-61) - 737 FO Six pack switches

254N1175-2            - TOGO switch replica

254N1175-3            - TOGO switch replica

AC30-0040             - Auto-Brake shaft replacement (787)

71VY1004         - Encoder

JE1-0076         - Encoder

0050N1              - Stick Shaker manu Rosemont (Embraer)

1167015-141         - ACP lamps rescreen and panel Overhaul

200-26604-02        - 737 Lighting transformer

2061-15-1 (10-61926-5)    - 737NG Flap indicator

221TS10ABY03        - Airbus panel (Canbus repair)

40-618-xx           - Stab Trim 747-400 or 767 tape frayed replacement for sim use only

622-7485-421        - EFIS cp (potentiometer repair F100)

622-9819-104        - Air Data Reference Panel (CRJ)

7005819-506          - ATR EFIS cp repaired for sim use only

7016954-906         - Remote Instrument manu Honeywell (General Aviation King Air)

80-0535-15           - Dash 8 Annunciator panel repaired for sim use only

924D100-1           - Speed Brake actuator (complete overhaul and rebuild)

C12848CA01           - Radio Management Panel

18000-420-0          - replica Embraer seat handle assembly

180200-160-1 and -2  - Embraer seat brackets

TAAI2-X3PE0X0-01          - Captain A320 seat overhaul with covers

TAAI2-X3CE0X0-01          - FO A320 seat overhaul with covers

e60801           - Omega MML600 Lambda Power supply