Aircraft and Simulator Parts

Since MSCbv has existed it has been the European representative for Brite Air (www.briteair.com) and has provided simulation users an alternative aircraft parts supply solution. We have helped to provide/manufacture simulated aircraft parts and found various alternate aircraft parts which could be used for the same task in a simulator.

MSC on behalf of Brite Air is daily working with various simulator customers to supply their aircraft parts requirements.

- CAE printed circuit cards from recently made CAE sims, please email MSC for latest listings of available parts.

- 737 and 767 Cockpits available for a simulator build, please email MSC for further details.

- Various BP screens and Visual structures for 150 and 220 degrees Visual instalations

- Thales A330/A340 Simulator torndown, late 90's build, please email MSC for latest listings of available parts.

MSCbv has personally overseen and/or organised the aircraft cutting of various aircraft types (737, MD82, ATR42, C130) which were later put into simulation use.

MSCbv has assisted simulator users to buy second hand aircraft parts for their new simulator buys. This has led to significant savings when considering a new simulator for an older aircraft type.

Tired of expensive aircraft parts, we will do our best to find an alternate and more competitive part or solution.

Looking for Encore, VAX, Barco or any obsolete part used in simulation, send us an email and we will try to find it.

See our list of parts or send us a request. MSCbv shall respond as soon as possible

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